TRUFFLE :The aromatic miracle underground

    Truffle is among the most precious ingredients in European cousin… Growing underground, this rare mushroom’s three types; white truffle, black truffle and summer truffle are used in many different dishes and t...


Swordfish Catching : A Fight to the Death for a Taste like this!

If one of the heroes in Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and The Sea” is the old man, then the other is certainly the noble swordfish. There is a price you have to pay when it comes to hunting swordfish, first you put in y...


CABERNET FRANC: The ancestor of Cabernet Sauvignon

In monosepages, Cabernet Franc, shows itself as elegant wines with flavors such as strong tannins, raspberry, black currant, black berry, sweet green pepper and spices and which mostly can age very well. As a result of DNA stud...