Eklenme Tarihi: May 14, 2013 PASSION

If Mercedes is a legend, that’s a legend inside a legend!

Type 300, which is some time criticized because it has a ‘boring’ drive despite it was a powerful and -for its period- a fast car, is a perfect automobile designed punctiliously. Also, it’s not so senseful to expect an exciting drive from a car whose actual goal is ‘prestige’.

Mercedes-Benz Type 300, which is considered as one of the most prestigious cars of all time, has three different versions as 300, 300b, 300c and 300d. Type 300 was a passion for Mercedes and it will continue to be a symbol not only throughout the years it continues to be made but as long as Mercedes exists.

Mercedes-Benz Type 300 is accepted as the most prestigious car that the German automobile giant Mercedes had manufactured in the years of 1950. Such as S-Class that the brand still manufactures today, Type 300 was an extremely elegant, powerful, prestigious and expensive car. 300, 300b, 300c, 300d and 300 Touring versions of this special car were frequently called as ‘Adenauer’ because they were the favorite cars of the Prime Minister of Federal Republic of Germany, Konrad Adenauer who was in charge between 1949 and 1963 and ‘the most famous Type 300 owner of all time’.

Type 300, one of the most prestigious automobiles of all time, made debut at 1951 Frankfurt Auto Show in a period when especially the big cars were in fashion. The car, which was met with a great interest, had been accepted as the fastest and the biggest car of that period. Type 300, which went down a bomb and arouse a great respect right from the start of its meeting with automobile enthusiasts, was compared with the models which were made by the German car manufacturer before the Second World War and which made a great contribution in the birth of the legend of Mercedes and most of the time, it was the one to preponderate in those comparisons. Type 300, whose fame spreaded all over the world in a short time, was the source of pride not only for Mercedez-Benz but for German automobile industry.

‘Adenauer’ is frequently confused with ‘Ponton’, a cheaper model which was released to the market in the same period. ‘Ponton’ is a model with a body structure which was advanced for its time and which was designed for relatively big-scale production. On the other hand, it possesses a different chassis and a body produced with an extremely quality hand workmanship.
Type 300, which had been produced between 1951 and 1962, was one of the first products of a brand new beginning for Germany, whose industry was almost completely collapsed after the Second World War, and Mercedes-Benz.

Type 300, which is a big car made to be driven for important purposes, was equipped with 3.0-liter six cylinder inline engine which gained an important reputation by being used in 300 SL racing and passenger cars and was considered as a great innovation later on. Automobile had oval-tube chassis with independent suspension system. With its equipments such as integrated radio, mobile phone operating over VHF, working table and sunroof, Type 300 was leaving its rivals in the market behind. Rear drive height of the car could be adjusted by means of the inner-electrical assistant torque rods.

The automobile, which continued to be produced more than 10 years, turned into a passion for Mercedes in the last years of its production. Design of the car passed four different stages. With 300c released to the market in 1955, the car started to use a more powerful engine. 300c had optional automatic transmission. 300d introduced in 1957 was a much more powerful automobile.
Type 300, which grabbed attention with its innovative technology and design and was a pretty big automobile for European standards in its period, can be considered as a transition model for big-size modern automobile series of Mercedes. Although Type 300 was a car which stood out among its rivals with its technical specifications, speed and power, these characteristics have never been used as the primary criterion to evaluate it. Its unique design and its righteous prestige it gained from the first day it was released to the market were the main reasons taking Type 300 to the position of one of the most respectable automobiles of all time.