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LOTUS : You do not become a racer, you are born a racer!

    There is originality in the genetics of some designs. Lotus is that kind of a design, of course supported by technology the same way…Since the first model Mark 6, Lotus has always had its eye on the racetrack. S...


Super Sports Cars : They only compete with their own shadow.

They only compete with their own shadow.   Competition between super sports cars in fastness is pushing speed limits to the extreme. With the full support of technology behind them, cars which are now able to go up to over...

2013 corvette

Corvette or Mustang

Some rivalries keep their fever although many years pass by. The equivalent of Galatasaray-Fenerbahce, Real Madrid-Barcelona rivalries in football, is existing between Ford and Chevrolet in the automobile world.   The riva...