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1964 green monster

Green Monster 1964

Art Arfons improved his mechanical knowledge and skills by working in the feed factory of his family in Ohio. In the drag racing which he had attended with his big brother, he achieved an important success outstripping the lege...

1938 mercedes

Mercedes-Benz W125 Rekordwagen 1938 – :

The special vehicle made for speed began its journey as Mercedes-Benz W125 Grand Prix racing car. The car equipped with a casing cladding, which surrounded the wheels, and 725 hp V12 engine, reached the speed of 431 km/h in Jan...

1933 blue bird

1933 – Blue Bird

Racing pilot and motorsports editor Malcolm Campbell broke numerous records with his car called Blue Bird. The biggest problem of this car with 2000 hp V12 Rolls Royce engine, was being not able to transfer the incredible power...